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I received a settlement from a car that was totaled and wanted to pay cash for a new Honda Accord. I live in NY but got a supposed good deal with Honda Universe by phone. They couldn't tell me the exact price so I couldn't get a bank check. They assured me if my credit was good they would accept a personal check or they would actually deliver the car to me in Long Island as long as I came in to pick out the car and sign the paperwork. Once there, they told me I could finance the car and just pay it off when I got the bill and I wouldn't be charged any interest. Three people assured me I would not pay "one cent" in interest. I stupidly believed them and took the car home.

A month later, I got my bill from Honda Financing, paid it in full, and was charged $156 in interest! Apparently, interest is charged from the day you sign the finance form. They knew very well I'd be charged but lied to me to make the sale. I spoke to the General Manager, Mr. Alvin Cubano, and he told me I should have made the first payment, and then paid it in full the following month; then I wouldn't have been charged interest. He explained to me, "that is how loans work." Honda Financing (and common sense) told me that, of course, was not true. I called Mr. Cubano a second time and he repeated what he told me the first time. So either he is very *** to believe this story or he thinks I am very *** to believe it. Do yourself a favor. Do NOT buy here. They are all liars from the top on down.

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Made a request and got call back at friday night just after 8pm, they told me that car is available. Told them that I was coming from CT, 3 1/2 hours drive, she said truck was not sold.

Arrive around 10:30 am and was greeted by Jessica with big smile, well we have a 2010 Acura TL, when I told her that I was looking for used 2004 truck smile went away. She spoke with manager and told me that truck was sold long time ago. I told her that i spoke with their associate last night and was told that truck has not been sold. With attitude she told me " it's not possible" that I spoke with them last night. She actually call me a liar. When she saw my cell phone with the time when I received call she came up with most DUMBEST excuse in her book "Well we worked till 10:30pm last night". What happened with "sold long time ago"

GM run after us to see if he can pull some BS . "I'm sorry,I have two more Toyota lots one more Honda lot,BLA BLA BLA I go on auction, i can get you truck just tell me what you need". Well dear GM tell your people to treat people nice not by what are they driving or by what are they buying.

This morning I received a phone call to see if I'm still on the market for the truck.


I told her that they don't have a truck so I was wondering how she can do that for me.

"Well, nobody told me that" was the answer, I sincerely apologized and hung up the phone.



When leasing a car at Honda Universe, make sure you know specifically what company you leasing from.Honda Financial Services, a subsidiary of Honda itself, provides a $1,500 waiver at the end of the lease against charging you for minor damage to your car.

This is a benefit for you but only Honda Financial Services offers it to you. Be careful not to get sucked into a lease with another leasing company this dealership uses. Also realize that GAP insurance is included in your lease payment by law so don't let the salesperson tell you they are giving you GAP insurance for free as though they are saving you money.

Finally the finance person will attempt to sell you additional insurance to cover against wind shield and tire damages for about $30 per month.Decide in advance if you wish to get this additional insurance.


Takes a month to get an appointment to have your car serviced.They are open on Saturdays but everytime I call they say they don't do that on Saturdays.

I now have to call other Honda dealer that is much further away but they will take me the next day.Honda Universe is useless.

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